Nescafe brings heat to road march

March 21, 2018
DJ Lantern knows how to get a party started... with Nescafe.
Gearing up to get the Nescafe big truck on the road are Nestlé executives (from left) Tiffany Davidson, Garfene Grandison and Wendy Robertson. The three were spotted on the road a t UWI Carnival last Saturday.

UWI Carnival was the first to be held in Jamaica, and it remains a staple on the activity calendar in Jamaica for soca lovers.

Last Saturday, the approximately 17 bands gave a dynamic display of T-shirts and costumes under this year's theme, 'Uprising', influenced by the appearance, culture, language and religious practices of the Caribbean.

At the centre of the revelry on the UWI Mona campus was the NescafÈ/UMA truck that not only offered liveliness, pleasure and dynamism, but also hot and cold coffee brew.

For 2018, Nescafe again committed to sponsoring a slew of carnival in Jamaica activities. With the coffee company's sponsorship of Xaymaca, Xodus, Bacchanal and UWI carnival events throughout the soca season, the brand is hoping to bring an element of energy, fun and excitement to each activity.

According to one patron, "Me nah lie, the Nescafe truck was the baddest truck on the road. It's the one that I stuck with for road march."

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