Dovey Magnum praises DJ Banka for support

March 22, 2018
DJ Banka
Dovey Magnum

Dancehall selector DJ Banka has come in for high praises from overseas-based artiste Dovey Magnum, who says that the selector was one of the first persons to give her a 'strength' for her smash hit, Bawl Out.

In a recent interview with THE STAR Dovey Magnum said that she and DJ Banka share a brother-sister relationship.

"DJ Banka is one of the realest youth I know. He has never 'looked' me, nor was he searching for a relationship with me. He did it out of love for a fellow sister, unlike some selectors who want something from you before they give a push," she said.

After hearing the kind words from the entertainer, DJ Banka explained that their bond is natural.

"Dovey Magnum is my sister from another mother. We share a special bond and the energy is just natural," he said.

The deejay explained that DJ Banka was one of the first persons that received a dubplate from her. In fact, she said that a video of DJ Banka playing the song went viral last year, eventually causing the song to kick off.

"Dovey Magnum is the baddest female artiste right now, and I'm happy for her. Her talent is showing right now," DJ Banka added.

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