Jahmiel lights up Texas, heads for UK

March 22, 2018

Recording artiste Jahmiel has been on the go since the start of the year, and he has performed on three stages of the SXSW (South by Southwest) event in Texas.

All three events were set with a musically diverse line-up of artistes from all over the United States.

"Performing in front of a non-Caribbean crowd is always an eye-opener. It allows you to see how far your music is reaching, how much work you have put in, as well as how much further you need to go," said Jahmiel.

Jahmiel performed some of his well-known hits like Gain the World, Where Were You and True Colours.

But to his surprise, it was Strongest Soldier that was the biggest song at each show.

"The promotion we've put into Strongest Soldier, and continue to put in, makes me realise it's just time and hard work," he said, adding that the song's message resonates with many people.

Getting ready to release the video for his single Live Without Limit', Jahmiel is also gearing up for his United Kingdom tour, which will have him performing in Birmingham, Brixton and Manchester.

Jahmiel is scheduled to leave for the UK in the first week of May.

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