VOX POP: Which entertainer would you want to be your team's vibes master at Champs?

March 22, 2018
Vybz Kartel


With the ISSA/ GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships taking place at the National Stadium, THE STAR asked persons which entertainers they would want to be their team's vibes master at Champs.


Dushawn Lawrence: "Chronixx cause him have some conscious lyrics and him song dem uplift people."

Javed Johnson: "Kartel full a vibes, so a him would haffi be the one fi bring di vibes fi my team. Just imagine Gaza a Champs, di place would tear dung."

Claudine Anderson: "Chronixx, because a bare positive things him sing and him would motivate di team to get victory."

Romaine Allen: "Popcaan woulda be di one 'cause him a di one inna dancehall weh a di main international star, and him full a di slang dem weh di people dem love."

Patrice: "Kartel say Calabar and me say Calabar, so him mi woulda want fi back my team. Plus, mi a Gaza."

Shane: "Popcaan or Addi. Di crowd woulda tun ova if Poppy or World Boss forward."

Sasha-Gay Walker: "Beenie, because him full a vibes when he a deejay and dance and di girl dem like see him. But if Kartel neva deh a jail, a woulda haffi him."

Ricardo Dixon: "Alaine a my girl. She is a beautiful female wid a very nice voice and she have a song name Heart Of A Champion. Mi feel dat woulda go wid di whole Champs vibes."

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