Destra promises high energy at Mas Camp

March 23, 2018
Destra was at the headquarters of Downsound Entertainment yesterday.

"Get ready to get loose!" That is the message Bacchanal Jamaica is sending to patrons attending tonight's edition of Bacchanal Fridays at Mas Camp, where Destra is the evening's main act.

"I plan for this performance to be better than the last one, so whatever you remember from the last time, this one will be much better," Destra said yesterday.

The Trinidadian soca star was among several persons at a meet-and-greet session staged at the headquarters of Downsound Entertainment yesterday.

"Expect a lot of energy, a lot of beautiful singing, a lot of hype. With Destra, you're always gonna get a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, and the band is here and my dancers are here, so a lot of energy," Destra said.

When asked whether she will be incorporating the crowd, particularly male patrons, into her performance, Destra said that is unlikely.

"That may be the only thing I may not do. I've been pretty creative where that is concerned, but I've been getting volunteers to take my place, and it's been working out amazingly well," she said.

"I been seeing some kinda whines, bwoy, that made me go, 'Wow, I couldn't do that if I tried'. I think involvement from the crowd is very important all the time because it creates that kind of vibe and causes a lot of raucous with the crowd ... . Sometimes we need demonstration to carry the music across in a better way."

Meanwhile, Destra was tight-lipped about whether her Carnival in Jamaica experience will involve more than one performance. She did, however, confirm that she will be in Jamaica during the time of Road March.

"Last year, I saw all the Trinis posting pictures saying they were in Jamaica, and I was like, 'Why am I not in Jamaica?' so I didn't want to feel like that this year. That's all I'm gonna say."

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