G Mac believes Sizzla collab will 'buss' him overseas

March 23, 2018
G Mac

Reggae artiste G Mac wants to cement his status in Europe as an artiste to watch out for and is confident that his collaboration with Grammy-nominated reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji will do the trick.

G Mac, who has been touring Europe independently over the past few years, revealed that he has developed a loyal fan base with little backing locally and hopes to build on that with the new song, Windows To My Soul.

"The song is a joint production between Knatural Entertainment and Royalty Records, and I believe this will create a huge impact in Europe. I am looking to go on tour soon, and when you are overseas, you need strong and current music as ammunition," he said, pointing out that he prefers to avoid the competition that exists on the local scene.

"I used to try to get my music played here in Jamaica, but honestly, I can't bother with the rat race. I have decided to take my talent elsewhere, and it is working in my favour. When I blast my songs in Europe, they are played objectively, and fans have sent me videos choreographing dance moves to the music. So, that is a good indication that my effort has not been falling on deaf ears," he said.

G Mac believes that his decision to direct his focus elsewhere is a smart business move and is encouraging fellow artistes to follow his lead.

"If you are doing the same thing over and over and you are getting the same results, then it is up to you to make a drastic change. Be the change that you want," he said. "There are millions of people in the world begging for reggae and new talent, so never box up yourself and make the system here (Jamaica) get to you."

The artiste, who is also working on a collaborative album with Sizzla, noted that Windows To My Soul will also be the title track for his soon-to-be released album, tilted Diamond. Windows To My Soul will be available on online streaming platforms.

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