Triple Century preps for busy holiday

March 23, 2018
Patrons cram into the Triple Century Sports Bar for Chris Gayle's birthday party in 2015.

The management of Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill is taking a two-pronged approach to ensure a safe and secure venue for the upcoming public holidays.

In particular, the March 29 staging of Triple Thursdays will return to the parking lot.

More than 3,000 people are expected to attend the party that offers free admission before midnight, up from 2,500 patrons for a similar Holy Thursday staging last year.

Radcliffe Haynes, general manager at the establishment, said that preparations have been taking place over the past two months to make the patrons feel comfortable.

"We were blown away by the numbers last year. As such, arrangements have been made for additional staff and security," Haynes told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The restaurant/bar is one of the few remaining locations in New Kingston that can host weekly parties and live show performances, and some customers have complained that the Triple Thursdays audience has outgrown the space.

"When we realise that inside is getting crowded, tables and chairs are usually packed away which sometimes ends up with us getting a truck for storage," Haynes said.

"It is already a known fact that the Triple Century parking lot (also known as the St Lucia parking lot) has to be used for large events like the upcoming block party during the public holiday," he continued.

The parking lot dEcor will replicate that of the sports bar with a larger VIP section. He also promised easy access to bars, entrance, exit, and bathroom facilities.

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