Patrons to go down memory lane at 100 Live

March 26, 2018
Mr Lexx
Delly Ranx
Frisco Kid

Dining, gaming, and entertainment hotspot 100 Hope Road is hoping to serve up the best of '90s dancehall music at its monthly 100 LIVE showcase on Wednesday.

The show is expected to get underway at 8 p.m. at the Hope Road, St Andrew, venue, and patrons are expected to be taken on a musical journey down memory lane. With '90s hitmakers such as Delly Ranx, Mr Lexx, Frisco Kid, and Louis Culture set to provide entertainment on the night, the organisers are anticipating a show filled with high-energy performances.

Alexisse Chin, marketing manager at 100 Hope Road told THE STAR that she is happy with the 100 LIVE series thus far. Chin said that the aim of the show is to breathe new life into the live entertainment scene, and she believes that they have been able to do that so far.

"We are happy that the show is achieving its goal of bringing live music back to Kingston," she said, pointing out that Wednesday's show will be a special treat with some top-notch performers.

"This month, 100 LIVE is all about the best of '90s dancehall. It will be an amazing show with the great artistes that are slated to perform."

The 100 LIVE team revealed that in addition to the great performances, patrons who turn out on Wednesday should look out for special tributes to the King of Dancehall Beenie Man as well as the former Queen, Lady Saw. Lady Saw is now a devout Christian and goes by the stage name Minister Marion Hall.

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