Screechie joins track and field excitement

March 26, 2018
Screechie could not miss out on the excitement at Champs.


As Anthony 'Screchie' Burchell made his way through the Flow Party Zone on Saturday's final day of ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships he caught the attention of several fans.

"Weh yaa do up yah?," one girl in the crowd asked.

"So mi nuh want enjoy miself too," he responded quickly.

"Mi come up yah come fi watch di race," he continued.

Pointing out that sometimes persons may look down on him because of his disabilities when they see him in certain public settings, Screechie said that he has to prove them wrong.

"Dem a say we disabled people can't go out and enjoy wiself. So wi haffi come out and show dem say we can come out and enjoy wiself to," he said.

And for the past four years, Screechie said that Champs is one of the events that he cannot miss.

"Mi just like the people dem and the excitement," he said.

Quickly pointing out that he is also a dancer, he said: "Mi go dance regular too. Mi dance wid Ding Dong, Chi Chi Ching, and Bogle before him dead and mi come inna whole heap a music video like Tifa's Move Yuh Body."

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