No feud here, says Govana's team

March 28, 2018

Rumours that artistes Masicka and Govana are now feuding are being denied by the management of at least one of the parties accused.

Raymond 'Shadow' Small, publicist for Govana, told The STAR that contrary to reports circulating on social media, his client and Masicka are not in a feud and says any news stating otherwise is false.

He expressed that the rumours are being fuelled by social media bloggers trying to gain some notoriety.

"Nothing happened at the after-Champs event. In all truth, what you're seeing on social media is what happens when social media personalities become overzealous in trying to gain attention. They report false information," he said. "Govana nor any member of his immediate team was never involved in any entanglement with anyone. He delivered a stellar performance at the event and left patrons satisfied."

Social media has been abuzz since Sunday morning when news emerged that both Masicka and Govana were involved in an altercation at Limelight entertainment complex on Saturday night.

The entertainers, who were performing at the annual Up To The Line event, allegedly 'got into it' after Govana and his entourage tried to hinder Masicka from gracing the stage for his set.

It is said that did not go down well with Masicka's supporters, some of whom were members of Tommy Lee's entourage.

Reports are that Tommy Lee's posse decided to confront members of Govana's group and the altercation resulted in police having to step in.

When The STAR contacted the Half-Way Tree police, they did not have any information regarding any altercation and directed the news team to the Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU).

When contacted, the CCU said if the matter did not result in any serious injury, they too would have no reports of an altercation.

Neither Masicka nor Tommy Lee could be reached for a comment.

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