OCG explains why men cheat on new song

March 28, 2018
Dancehall artiste OCG

Dancehall artiste OCG released the video for the skyrocketing single, 'Why Man Cheat' recently.

The video is also trending on Youtube. The artiste is pleased with the overwhelming response from the dancehall fans.

"Right now, mi just a focus on my career and get the Why Man Cheat song to the next level. My song is getting a lot of support from fans in the US, England, Europe, Costa Rica and Canada. In Jamaica, it's receiving crazy airplay and a lot of love in the streets," OCG said,

In the meantime, the popularity of the video is rapidly gaining him fans on social media.

"Mi IG (Instagram) and Facebook ah blow up since the video drop. Plus, a little thing go down on social media with somebody ah video me and my girlfriend inna one argument. People ah say mi shouldn't have taken up my best friend's girl so dem a bun me out, but ah my life. Ah just so life go, sometimes you up, sometimes yu down; mi a focus on my career right now," he said.

Last year, OCG's controversial video, Best Friend's Girl, filmed at the Sky Box in Jacks Hills, St Andrew, which spoke about a real situation in his personal life, racked up over 247,000 views.

OCG is also enjoying attention with other singles, including Jupiter, Jah Jah Guide Me and My Money on the Yellow Moon Records label which racked up 350,000 views on YouTube.

"The bookings are now coming in, we are getting requests from the Caribbean, Canada and the US, so the artiste's career is looking up now," OCG's manager, David 'JonBlacks' MiIntosh said.

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