Kabaka Pyramid 'Kaught Up' with new song

March 29, 2018
Kabaka Pyramid

As the anticipation continues to build surrounding the release of international reggae artiste Kabaka Pyramid's debut album, 'Kontraband', he has released the third single from the album, 'Kaught Up'.

A different vibe from his first two tracks, Can't Breathe and Borders, Kabaka gives listeners a more romantic side.

The track starts out with Kabaka Pyramid melodically expressing his appreciation for that special someone who has just captivated his mind, heart and soul. Produced by Genis T Nadal out of Barcelona, the track has an uptempo-futuristic dancehall, club banger vibe. Staying true to the lyrical style he is known for, Kabaka Pyramid does not disappoint in this single either, as he delivers a blistering third verse with a hip-hop flavour.

Throughout the single, Kabaka expresses what he loves about this special woman and how her independence, style, beauty and humour make up what he really admires about her.

Kabaka recently shot the music video for Kaught Up in Miami, with plans to release it soon.

Meanwhile, the artiste is set to announce the release date for his album soon.

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