Reggae band 1Koncept being 'internationally versatile'

March 29, 2018

Local reggae bands are known to stick to the roots reggae sound.

However, fast rising reggae band 1Koncept aren't keen on that; they are dabbling in a bit of R&B and dancehall as they seek to cement their place in the industry.

According the group of youngsters, they are focused on creating world music.

"In the same way that globalisation has transformed the world into one melting pot for goods and services, it's the same way humans consume music," band member Mervin 'Gatti' Morris told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Therefore if we consume music in such a manner, why do we have to make only one kind of music? I say we can switch it up and sing, deejay, rap if we see it fit."

The four-man band consists of songwriter and producer Morris, O'Neil 'Neily' Lawson, Kenton Cole, and Garth 'Jaboh' Jobson.

1Koncept calls their type of music 'Jamaican soul' and pointed out that the decision to be internationally versatile is not a rejection of local culture and should not be mistaken for the latter by the public.

"Our roots is reggae and will always be reggae. However, culture is the way of life of a people, and, as such, our way of life is affected by globalisation, and so, we react by producing music with global appeal," Gatti said.

He noted that some of today's popular reggae artistes were rappers first and said that some of the styles of delivery are influenced by hip hop.

"So it's more so the youth that are pushing this new wave. The music industry is oversaturated, and so, we harnessed more skills. 1Koncept has tirelessly honed our craft with writing, composing, and performing throughout the island of Jamaica, and our mission is to spread good positive music," he said.

The band is promoting a new project titled To The Beat.

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