Weh Dem Up To: Family man Specialist looking to make comeback

March 29, 2018
Orane 'Specialist' Wilson and wife Sherika Wilson (nee Panton) during their special day.

After leaving Downsound Records in 2014, fast-rising deejay Specialist took a brief hiatus from music.

He wanted to focus on other aspects of his life, while allowing things in music to work themselves out.

Having married the love of his life earlier this year, Specialist, whose given name is Orane Anthony Wilson, is now a devoted family man.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he met his wife just before the split from Downsound and revealed that following that break-up, everything fell slowly into place with her by his side.

"Since parting ways with Downsound Records, it kinda break my music momentum a bit and me just decide fi give it a break. Otherwise from music, man have a life fi live and me decide fi just take care a certain things and put certain things in place," he said.

Specialist said he met his wife Sherika in Portmore in 2013.

"She is a wonderful young lady, she is always encouraging, she always push out and work for her own, she graduate from UWI, ambitious young lady. She is here with me through ups and downs and mi see that she is real and she hold it, so mi decide to put on the ring," he said.

The couple have a son, Khaii, the youngest of the deejay's five sons.

Now Specialist has decided to shift his focus back to music and is currently working on his comeback.

Although he is currently working with Denham Town's 3R40 Records, and New York-based 2 Flashy Records, the artiste said he is open to voicing for any producer willing to work with him.

"Whoever interested can link up, we do business cuz Specialist well, well ready back; bigger voice, different medz and a fresher sound," he said. "I have a lot of good songs right now to put out. Unuh know my style already, me nah push nuh gun lyrics, just nice motivation songs, gyallis songs and songs wid nice vibes weh people can hold a vibe to."

Specialist believes he has what it takes to pick up where he left off. He is adamant that the Jamaicans who supported him in the past will do so again.

"We all know that Jamaicans are very hard to please, but while I was living in the ghetto as a 21-year-old gentleman, me did walk go Magnum Kings and Queens. Basically a Jamaicans vote fi me and show me talent to the whole world, so dem know seh da yute yah weh name Specialist have it," he expressed.

The entertainer revealed that he has a single called 2 Flashy Lifestyle slated to be released next week.

He also has two tracks recently released for 3R40 Records called Survive and Ghetto Lesson. They are available on all digital download platforms.

Specialist is now in the US where he will shoot a video for another 2 Flashy Records project titled Stress Free slated for release later this year.

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