Govana finds 'sauce' with 'Bake Bean'

April 03, 2018

Rising 4th Genna recording artiste Govana is pleased with the feedback to his latest single 'Bake Bean'.

He said that within a day after the song was released, it was trending on YouTube.

"But what is even more surprising [is that] Saturday (March 24) I went to perform at an after-Champs event (Up To The Line), and decided to test the crowd, and to my astonishment, they knew every word to the song and sang in unison during my set," he said.

Saying that he has the 'sauce' like baked beans, the entertainer believes that the song can become a household anthem.

Govana is currently enjoying heavy rotation on the local airwaves with songs such as Gyal Clown, Rich Forever and Breeze, featuring Aidonia, but he is hoping that Bake Bean will be his first official hit for 2018.

Since its release, the song has amassed more than 300,000 views on YouTube. The music video for the song was done by RD Studios.

Meanwhile, Govana is billed to perform at shows in Canada soon.

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