Zumjay endorses Jamaica with new single

April 03, 2018

Recording artiste Zumjay may not be living in Jamaica, but he still believes in the country of his birth and wants the rest of the world to continue to do so, too.

Currently in the island promoting his new single, Jamaica No Problem, the deejay told THE STAR that Jamaica is often painted in a bad light to the outside world, and he wants to do his part to change that.

"It (Jamaica No Problem) is a song highlighting the positive things about Jamaica, the beauty of Jamaica, the soul of Jamaica. This song couldn't come at a better time. We hear so much negatives sometimes in the media about our beautiful country and we're painted in a bad light as if the violence is the only thing that's happening," he said. "But the truth is, that's just a small, minute percentage of what's happening in Jamaica."

He said that for the most part, Jamaica is a beautiful and peaceful place.

"That's what I want to highlight with this song. We haffi highlight the positive things as well," he said.

The song, which was produced by the deejay on his Captcha Music label, was done on an exclusive rhythm by Sly and Robbie. Others listed on the project include Steven 'Lenky' Marsden and Dameon Gayle.

The song is slated to be released in the coming weeks accompanied by a music video.

Zumjay believes that when the world hears the song and watches the video, it will help to shift focus back to all the things that are right with the country.

"Anywhere I go in the world and I tell people I'm from Jamaica, the first response I always get is 'Yea man, Jamaica no problem'," he said. "We want people in Jamaica to not lose hope in dem country and at the same time, we want people to come to Jamaica, knowing things still good out here."

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