Funfest pleases parents, children

April 04, 2018
The quad train was definitely a hit among the kids.
Kids splash and frolic in the pool.
Snow cones were among the favourite treats at Funfest.
This young lady tries desperately to hang on to the mechanical bull.

It was a rainy Easter Monday, but that didn't stop patrons from turning out for the annual event, Funfest.

Held at Hope Gardens, St Andrew, the event drew a huge crowd, as scores of families descended on the lawns for a fun-filled day.

Even when the heavens opened up, patrons were still streaming into the venue with hopes of making the most of the day.

With rides galore, Hope Gardens was transformed into every child's paradise with everything from the mechanical bull to bounce-a-bouts to rock climbing, all available at a reasonable cost.

These activities led to long lines as everyone wanted to get on their favourite ride at least once.

A few of the patrons who spoke to THE STAR said that they look forward to Funfest every year as they are guaranteed a good time.

They explained that with the variety of rides being offered, they knew the children would have a good time and also praised the team for continuing to make the latter accessible to all who come out.

Stacy-Ann Williams, a mother of three, told THE STAR that this was her third year at Funfest, and she keeps coming back because the cost of the tickets as well as the cost to access the rides allow her the opportunity to show her children a good time.




"The rides are $150 and $200 per ride. I can come here with a budget, and each of my three children can have a good time," she said. "There's so much to do, so many rides. But aside from that, the entertainment is family oriented, and I just know all of us will have fun."

Her sentiments were echoed by Roland Patricks, a father of two. Patricks who was there with his wife told THE STAR that it was their second Funfest, and they do not see themselves ever missing a staging.

"For the price of the tickets and the cost of the rides, this is one of the most reasonable family fun days in Jamaica. My kids enjoy it every year, and my wife and I like the fact that it doesn't have to cost us a fortune for them to have fun," he said.

This is the second staging of Funfest for 2018, and at least one more staging is set to take place before the year ends.

Promoter Gyete Ghartey said he and his team pride themselves on improving the Funfest experience each year.

Ghartey explained that more important than keeping the cost at a rate average Jamaicans can manage, they want to ensure that the event keeps getting positive reviews.

"Affordable prices are one thing, but keeping patrons satisfied is another. We look forward to the feedback from our patrons every year, and we make sure we improve on the things we need to for the next staging," he said.

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