Masicka and Fully Bad must clash - Foota Hype feels lyrical war will help dancehall

April 04, 2018
Foota Hype

Foota Hype has been firing shots at dancehall artiste Masicka over the past few weeks.

The popular selector has been pushing for a lyrical clash between the Hard Ball deejay and his artiste, Fully Bad.

Although Masicka has not been paying much attention to Foota Hype and his artiste, the selector remains keen on a clash and insists it is just what dancehall needs at the moment.

Speaking with THE STAR, Foota Hype explained that despite popular belief, whatever is happening between the artistes isn't physical and is simply for the music.

"There is no war vibes between Masicka and Fully Bad. Is just that Masicka say him a di baddest thing and he has yet to prove it. My artiste a di baddest thing. Me wah Masicka set the stage and Fully and him battle it out because recording and stage thing a two different thing. You can't say yah a di baddest thing an fraid a challenge," he said.




When asked why he feels the need to push for a lyrical confrontation even after it seems clear that Masicka will not give in, Foota Hype said it's all part of a strategic move that will see his artiste come out the winner, clash or not.

"Whether Masicka pay attention to Fully Bad or not, him affi buss. Me and Masicka don't have no personal beef, a just entertainment. This is saving stage show business, saving dancehall," he said. "We need back live shows because nobody inna Jamaica nah sell a million records. We affi keep stage shows alive. Sting fi a keep, dem show deh keep the talent sharp and competitions keep talent sharp. When everybody sharp, dat good fi business."

Foota Hype is adamant that his strategy is not a tool to get his artiste more attention as Fully Bad has already made a name for himself in the industry.

The selector believes by pushing the clash, he is single-handedly trying to breathe new life into the dancehall scene.

"We nuh piggyback after people and we nah try buss Fully Bad. Fully Bad already buss inna the streets, straight cross the board. If me fi talk the truth, the business is boring and that's why nuh stage show nah keep because there is no challenge and no entertainment," he expressed. "A fix me a try fix things. Weh me a do, people a cuss but dem nah see the long term. Yuh affi be the Pied Piper, you affi lead the mass."

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