Harry Toddler wants a divorce - entertainer says relationship is just on paper

April 05, 2018
Harry Toddler

In 2014, dancehall artiste Harry Toddler tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Tina Stewart, daughter of veteran entertainer Tinga Stewart.

The couple, who had been together for more than a decade before the marriage, seemed happy and in love.

A 2014 article on the nuptials saw Toddler referring to Stewart as the one he loved and vowed to remain committed to her. However, just four years into the union, the pair seems to be heading for divorce.

In an interview with THE STAR, the entertainer revealed that he and his wife started having problems a year into the marriage and explained that despite their best efforts, the relationship has been damaged beyond repair.

According to the artiste, communication has totally broken down between the couple and he has not seen or heard from his wife in months.

“From we married me can count how much time me see me wife, is like she just married and disappear,” he said. “I haven’t spoken to her in months. The last time I spoke to her was my daughter birthday and that was in January.”

Toddler said his marriage started to fall apart after his wife found out he had a son. The child, who is now five years old, was kept a secret from his wife according to Toddler, who revealed that the child was conceived before the two tied the knot.

He admitted he was wrong for keeping the child a secret, but said he and Stewart were separated when he and his son’s mother got involved.

He also said he has tried to work things out with his wife but has not been able to do so. He believes the only logical step for both of them now is divorce and wants his wife to set him free.

“I don’t think she want a divorce but is not like we in a relationship, is just on paper. She’s living in Miami and when you marry someone and yuh nah see them and there is no communication, it’s going to affect a lot of things,” he said. “My marriage is affecting the relationship that I am in now and I just want a divorce. I have a lawyer now; I’m doing the necessary work to serve her with papers.”

THE STAR tried contacting Stewart for a comment but was unable to reach her.

When he tied the knot in 2014, Toddler told the media that marriage is a step every man should take.

He said that he still believes that although he believes his marriage is all but over. He also said he doesn’t regret making that life-changing decision.

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