Curvy Diva reality TV series to hit YouTube

April 06, 2018
Magnum Kings and Queens host Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett

News first emerged of a reality TV series starring the Curvy Diva, Yanique Barrett, in 2016. At the time, the TV host and artiste didn’t reveal any details regarding said series, only that her team was working on the details.

It’s been two years, and it seems those plans have finally materialised. The Curvy Diva is set to launch her show, dubbed Beyond The Curves, in the coming weeks. And according to her, the series will be as real as they come.

“The show will be energetic, exciting and full of curviness. It’s a reality show, so I’m going to be as true as possible. I’m not going to have anything scripted, so I’m just going to keep it real 100 per cent and just be me. I’m an open book, and I try to keep it real no matter what the consequence is and what people are going to say,” she said.

“Whatever topic I chose to talk about; sex, family, ex-lovers, stalkers (laughing), opportunistic people, I will keep it real. There’s nothing off limit. It’s going to be open.”


Barrett, while revealing that she has always had hopes of getting a reality TV series, said it took some time to iron out all the specifics.

“I’ve been silent about it for a while because I wanted it to be done properly. Now we have teamed up with Tilt Media, and we have a really good production team that has allowed me now to say it can work, and we’re just moving forward with that,” she said.

Although Barrett has plans for the show to hit TV screens locally and internationally, the series will only be available via YouTube right now. That decision, Barrett revealed, was due the uncensored nature of the show.

“We will be going mainstream soon whether it’s in Jamaica or overseas, but I prefer YouTube now because I really don’t want to leave anything out, and with YouTube you can talk about any and everything on it,” she said.

“The show will be about my lifestyle, who I am as a person, and I think it gives me the voice to say how I feel about certain situations and topics.”

She went added that the show will involve participation from the general public, as fans can send in questions they want her to answer to the show’s email at

“This is just the me controlling a lot of things around me. This is me using this platform to say how I feel about a lot of things, especially where persons are staying stuff that’s not true,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR. 

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