Dancers' Paradise: Kool Kid building on 'Breadfruit' legacy

April 06, 2018
Kool Kid
Kool Kid (left) shows Miss Kitty a dance move earlier this year. Chi Ching Ching (second right) and Energy are also enjoying the activities.

Dwayne 'Kool Kid' Samuels' 'Breadfruit' dance move was a big hit back in 2016. The move resonated with the people so much so that two years after it was created, it remains a popular move. Having given the dance move time to make an impact, the man behind the move told Dancers' Paradise that the time has come for him to create another move that will take Jamaica and the world by storm.

In a recent interview, Kool Kid, who is a member of Chi Ching Ching's Get There Squad, said that his decision to put out only one move in two years was part of his team's strategy to not only give 'Breadfruit' it's time in the limelight, but to also give other members of their squad the chance to 'buss' their dance moves as well.

He explained that as a unit, it is important that each member gets the opportunity to showcase their talent.

"Our team is the Get There Squad with Chi Ching Ching, Gabbidon, Shakespeare and Energy. So, while me did have 'Breadfruit' out there, we give Gabbidon a chance to shine with 'Get There', Shakespeare wid 'Rock The Worl' and Energy wid 'Swing The Energy'," he said.

"I have another dance in the making that coming out soon. We have the move already and it have a name, but we nuh confirm it yet, so we nah give too much. It will involve foot movement, hand movement and waist movement, and it will be bigger than Breadfruit."

The Southside and Jungle-based dancer told Dancers' Paradise that although the dance industry is a challenging one, he has found his calling and does not regret his decision to dance.

"From me stop do nine-to-five me go into dancing, and that's over 15 years now. Financially and everything, it take care a me and my family. Me nah tell people say ever yday up, but it worth it and me love it," he said.

"A hundreds going into thousands of youth in the inner city, dancing save them life. Me can confess that. Dancing is an alternative to crime and violence. When you dancing you haffi be a people person, so yuh nuh have time fi violence. Whole heap a ghetto youth make a living and feed dem family outta dancing."

With that said, the dancer encouraged youth who wish to pursue dancing, particularly in the dancehall, to follow their dreams regardless of the naysayers and challenges.

"It's hard work and hard work pay off. At one point, people might see it (dancing) as a waste of time, but you haffi build a name and yuhself as a brand," said Kool Kid, who also does solo dance classes where he teaches people from all over the world.

"Yuh can't just jump in and expect return same time, but when yuh start get paid, trust me, the whole community a go happy fi yuh, and the same people dem weh did a call yuh worthless at first a go say, 'Me glad yuh a dance and me glad yuh make sup'm a your self."

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