Don't judge dancehall artistes - Shaka Pow

April 06, 2018
Shaka Pow

Medical doctor and recording artiste Shaka Pow wants to let his detractors know that he is not a medical doctor turned artiste, but the other way around.

According the artiste, who is also a trained gynaecologist, dancehall, which is a genre that started in Kingston's inner city, is often stereotyped. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that because of where the genre was birthed, dancehall artistes are often seen as undereducated hoodlums.

Having done well for himself, Shaka Pow believes his accomplishments are a testament to the fact that dancehall artistes are much more than societal stereotypes.

"People might come from a certain environment, yes. However, you can't use that to judge them. I am not the only scholar or professional who does dancehall music either. You have lawyers, teachers, journalists, and even policemen who are dancehall acts, and that goes to show that the genre, in and of itself, is touching lives positively," he said.




"Dancehall artistes are brilliant, and it has nothing to do with just being a scholar. When you hear Bounty speak, Sizzla, Agent Sasco, Lady Saw, Spice, Shenseea, Ninja Man, Tanya Stephens, and the list goes on, it shows that we are no fools. Reggae and dancehall artistes are some of the most intelligent beings."

Shaka Pow believes that it is time for the stereotypes to be dropped. He explained that if this is achieved, the industry will be far more advanced both locally and internationally.

Meanwhile, Shaka Pow revealed that he has been working on making fun music since fans are more receptive to simple music and witty content. He is now promoting a new track called Turn Me On that was produced by Cornelius Records and Real Friends under the Knackout Productions imprint. He is also scheduled to release an EP in the coming months.

The deejay is also rebranding himself as the 'Outfyt General' in an attempt to win over new fans. He will be releasing new music videos in coming weeks.

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