Docta Bird wants his piece of the pie

April 09, 2018
Docta Bird

He has remained behind the scenes and basically 'underground' for many years, but now David Lemmie, aka 'Docta Bird', wants a piece of the action.

"I have been in the entertainment business for many years, as a part of a dance group, Timeless, from Spanish Town. I elevated [myself] to be a MC and an artiste," he said. "I made a number a slangs and people run with it."

During his time as a dancer, he created dance moves such as 'Gangsta Rock', and 'Wacky Step'.

Some of his popular slangs include 'Boof Baaf', 'Cash Talk, Nuh Trash Talk' and current sayings like 'Hot Topic' and 'Swanky'.

Docta Bird, who is from Spanish Town, said recently he made a slang 'no tangling, no rope nuh tie down'.

People on the streets believe that he was firing 'slang shots' at Chi Ching Ching, who recently created the dance song Rope.

But Docta Bird said there was no truth to that belief.

"It's mere coincidence that I made a slang name 'no tangling' which seems to counteract Chi Ching Ching dance-slang/move 'Rope'. I don't have any beef whatsoever," he said.

Currently, Docta Bird is busy making jingles for sound systems, radio stations and advertisements for businesses.

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