M Gee releases new video

April 10, 2018
M Gee

M Gee has unveiled the visuals for his latest effort, Stop It.

The video was conceptualised by the creative minds of Cashflow Xtreme and Digiboard. It can be seen on various local stations, and has made its way into several music countdown charts and has racked up quite a number of views on YouTube so far. It was shot in different areas in Kingston and in the US.

What really stands out about this project is the much-needed message that M Gee is sending and that is a message of unity and community to as much willing ears as possible.

"The video depicts a harsh reality that we as a nation need to face about the violence that has been plaguing our society. This project overall is very dear to me because I lost a dear friend of mine by the gun. I am just imploring the youth to just put down the guns and, instead, help one another and build our nation."

M Gee is aware one has to stand out in an over-saturated industry by offering a delivery and creativity that is both fresh and equally appealing.

He said, "The type of music I create is meant to show my musical diversity and resonate through the soul of my listeners, while adding value to their lives."

Stop It is distributed by Zojak World Wide and is available online for purchase and streaming.

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