Teejay sending positive messages

April 11, 2018

Dancehall artiste Teejay is hoping that the resort town of Montego Bay can return to the glory days before gang violence

"I remember the days when I used to go Pier One or Margaritaville to party, but now, we only comfortable to party outside MoBay," he said. "I remember the days when I used to feel comfortable a walk Barnett Street, Orange Street and Market Street. Everybody wants back those days."

The 23-year-old deejay, who hails from Tank Lane in Bottom Pen, Glendevon in St James, rose to prominence in the entertainment industry with trigger-pulling anthems like Buss Head and Up Top.

But in the last six months, he has concentrated more energy on 'reality' songs such as the soulful On and On and the popular Days Dem, which was released last year on the Life Story rhythm for Rush Sheikh Records.

"Right now, I just want a change, that is why mi a pressure and highlight the things that make sense ... I know people look up to me, and I want to lead them in the right way," he said.

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