Popular dancehall couple reunited - Marvin and Nickeisha working things out

April 12, 2018
Dancers Marvin the Beast and DHQ Nickeisha.

Marvin the Beast and DHQ Nickeisha seem to have made amends and are taking another shot at their relationship.

The pair seem's to have worked out their differences as they were seen canoodling on social media again.

Over the weekend, Marvin uploaded a photo with Nickeisha sitting on his lap at the Norman Manley International Airport. His caption was simple, but with the dancer using the 'M & N' moniker they made famous for the first time in weeks, social media was in a frenzy about a possible reunion.

When The STAR spoke to Nickeisha, she confirmed that the two were indeed a couple again but refused to give any further details regarding what went wrong and why they decided to settle their differences and work on their relationship.




Last month, after weeks of speculation, it was confirmed via social media that the two were no longer an item. A series of posts by the couple confirmed what many had been saying for weeks.

Then, when The STAR contacted Nickeisha, she confirmed the split but refused to give any details as to what led to the break-up.

Rumours swirling at the time suggested that Marvin had cheated on his partner with an exotic dancer.

That was never confirmed, but posts made by the two had many believing that infidelity had a strong part to play in the break-up.

Due to the lack of information about what has been going on with the couple, some persons believe that the two never split and that the theatrics were part of a publicity stunt.

When quizzed about that, Nickeisha said both she and Marvin would prefer to wait until they can comment on the issue in a tell-all interview and would not be giving any interviews for the next week or so.

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