Spanish Town can rebound - Hitman Walle

April 12, 2018
Hitman Walle

Deejay Hitman Walle has welcomed the extension of the state of public Emergency in the Spanish Town North division in St Catherine.

"The violence was squeezing the life out of Spanish Town. I remember back in the '90s, we used to have a lot of shows at Perry Skateland. City Rock - which was like Spanish Town Stone Love - used to play at dances all over. We had Early Buss Out, we had Della Splash. Every big man used to keep the events in their communities ... . Spanish Town had a vibes," he said.

Before the declaration of the state of public emergency, 48 murders were committed in the division between January 1 and 17, the most for any division or parish in the country.

Members of the entertainment fraternity have been complaining that the military exercise has been stifling their businesses as there is a mandatory closing time of 7 p.m. for most businesses and 10 p.m. for larger commercial enterprises.

"It is true, people cannot go out, but if the violence and war was going on, the same thing would apply - no partying. Mi see the youths a play ball again, nobody nah dead, and people a sleep with their windows open. Spanish Town feel lighter and safer," he said.

But Walle, who hails from Sydenham in Spanish Town, believes Spanish Town will come back.

"After a storm, there must be a calm. What the business community must do now is come in with apprenticeships and a mentorship programme. Let us dress this sore foot while we still can," he said.

The state of emergency has been extended until July 3.

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