I will clash Fully Bad - Frass Hill ready to support Masicka

April 13, 2018
Frass Hill

Dancehall artiste Frass Hill has released a diss track, 'Boof', which is aimed at Foota Hype and his artiste, Fully Bad.

According to Frass Hill, he wants in on the clash between Fully Bad and Masicka should it materialise, and, if it doesn't, then he's looking to challenge Fully Bad alone.

"It's a war track because dem a go round a diss a bag a people, and the people dem fraid fi answer or supmn, so u know how the thing go inna dancehall, somebody always deh deh fi take up the challenge, and a me dat," Frass Hill said.

The deejay said he has the utmost respect for Masicka as a fellow Portmore native and says he felt the need to take the war to Fully Bad on Masicka's behalf since the Hard Ball deejay doesn't seem too keen on doing so.

"Masicka link me and say me a di next Portmore deejay weh ago come a road, and right now, dem (Fully Bad) nuh inna him class certain way, so me fi take him on," he explained. "Him (Fully Bad) affi focus pan somebody weh a focus pan him. How him ago focus pan Masicka when Masicka nah focus pan him? Him nuh deh pan Masicka level, so him might as well try after somebody weh him and dem inna di same league."

The entertainer says he is so determined to 'rub out' Fully Bad that even if the entertainer ignores his current track, he will keep putting out songs aimed at him until he is forced to respond.

Frass Hill says clashes are a healthy part of dancehall and him wanting to engage in a lyrical battle is nothing personal, but just a move to keep the clash culture alive.

"We nah deal wid no violence, a just music. so there's nothing to be scared of. It's a lyrical thing, not a physical thing," he said. "Him a hype up, and Foota Hype a push him to a level him nuh ready for yet. Him is nobody, innu, and me wah show him say him is nobody."

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