We're playing mas next year - First-time reveller Joe Bogdanovich sold on carnival

April 13, 2018
Soca star Destra (centre) chills with Bacchanal Jamaica director Michael Ammar Jr (left) and Downsound boss Joe Bogdanovich.

Joe Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records, says he and his team are already thinking of ways they can become more involved in carnival in Jamaica for 2019.

After 'jumping' in his first carnival on Sunday, he told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has been sold on the soca experience and will be engaging more not just as a reveller, but as a businessman next year.

"The difference between being a spectator on the sidelines and watching the march go by compared to riding the trucks and walking along the routes is like night and day. What I mean by that is that the experience is a 360-degree experience - mind, body and spirit. I think it's something special," he expressed. "The kind of evolution that carnival has made in Jamaica over the last many years is impressive, and I think it is something we at Downsound Entertainment have taken a very big interest in, and we're looking to see how we can develop and get more involved in 2019 and beyond."

Bogdanovich said that details surrounding just how involved he's willing to get will be revealed in the next few weeks.

"This year, we got our feet wet. We did something with Destra at a live event, and our options are open. Carnival was well-supported. There were increased visitors to the island, which contributed to boosting tourist rates from last year this time. We like what all the bands did because everybody did well. We're in for some exciting times ahead," he said.

Bogdanovich, who was seen dancing and having a good time at Sunday's road march, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is almost sure that his team will get involved in the fashion aspect of carnival.

That, he explained, could lead to his own line of costumes in the parade.

"Carnival is about soca music and high energy, but it's also about the costumes and pageantry. We're definitely looking at the fashion aspect quite thoroughly," he said. "We had a pretty good presence this year. Our Sumfest girls were in various costumes, and they looked good. I think whether we're going to have costumes or not, we're going to get involved in the fashion."

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