Sezi honours inner beauty on new track

April 14, 2018

'Gyal in Bikini', the latest single from singer Sezi, was released last week via Future Sound of Reggae/Torchlight Records. The track, which was produced by Jordan Armond and Blaise Davis of Natural High, was written eight years ago.

"So much time is spent these days focusing on our image and what the world thinks of us, and so little time is spent on really getting to know ourselves, knowing our light. This song is about honouring our inner beauty while still recognising that human condition of comparing ourselves to others," Sezi said.

"Oftentimes, as females, we tend to make ourselves smaller when we feel someone else shining and discredit all the reasons why we are shining as well. This song is about acknowledging and trusting that the beauty people see in you is worth so much more than your physical beauty."

Obviously upbeat about the song, Sezi is rather pleased with the response so far and is eager to share it with more persons.

A drama teacher by profession and a yoga instructor, Sezi grew up in the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. She was exposed to different sounds and cultures, which are evident in her music.

"I try and fuse these experiences together whilst staying true to my island-girl roots. So, you'll find dancehall-tinged beats alongside house music and classic roots reggae. I spent some time in Africa teaching a few years ago and was inspired by the Afrobeat sound I heard there. Basically, a good ol' mash-up of styles," said Sezi, who released her EP, Slow Burn, in 2014.

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