Grim Rym confident about 'Miss Universe'

April 17, 2018
Grim Rym

Fast-rising artiste Grim Rym believes he has found a hit song with the release of his newest single, Miss Universe.

The DJ Frankco production was officially released on April 6 and is available for purchase on all digital stores, including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Grim Rym claims that the song is already doing well overseas, and he is happy with the reception so far.

"The song has been getting some really good reviews, and mi thankful and happy for that. The song has garnered a lot of buzz from the local radio stations since its release. It is a song that everybody will love," he said of the song, which is being distributed by JWonder 21st.

Meanwhile, Grim Rym said he is also working on some new projects with various producers, and he has plans to shoot the music video for another song called Life.

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