Dovey Magnum shows versatility

April 19, 2018
Dovey Magnum

Dovey Magnum, known for the single Bawl Out on the Rum N Boom Rhythm, says she is not just a raunchy artiste.

The artiste, who is known for explicit sexual content released the single Prayer Mi Use and Win after a severe car accident in November 2017 in Atlanta. The dancehall artiste is now promoting the single on her while on tour in the United States.

Recently, Dovey shared through social media an online competition asking fans to send in their best impressions of her performing the new single, as well as a caption stating how the song has affected them.

The winner of the competition will win a fully paid trip from anywhere in the world to attend of Dovey's tour.

"Because my song Bawl Out is a hit, people have started to only associate me with that type of music, but I am a very versatile artiste. This new single, Prayer Mi Use and Win, shows that I should not be boxed in. I sing about my life experiences, too. I nearly died, and from this came something beautiful," she said.

Dovey Magnum, who grew up in Spanish Town, St Catherine migrated to the US as a teenager.

She has also released One Life to Live, which she wrote when she was at a ''low'' point in her life.

"Everyone has trials and tribulations, but it is really how we deal with them. My music is therapy for me, and I want my fans to be able to relate," she said.

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