Khago's manager under fire - Promoter says he breached contract

April 20, 2018

Carlos Daley, promoter of the Jamaica Day Reggae Festival held in Maryland, US, is calling out Khago’s manager, Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor, with claims that he has failed to honour a contractual agreement.

Daley also claims that McGregor has refused to refund monies paid over to secure the artiste’s spot on his show scheduled for June 30.

In the interview, the promoter said Khago’s team violated their negotiated terms of contract and says there was a discussion with McGregor after the violation where they agreed the funds paid over as a booking deposit would be refunded.

According to Daley, it was agreed that Khago would perform at his show on June 30. As part of the negotiations, Khago would not be allowed to perform on any show within the same area two months prior or after the show date.

Daley told THE WEEKEND STAR that after arrangements were made and a deposit sent off, he discovered that Khago had another show booked for May in the same area.


The promoter said he got in touch with Khago’s agent, explained that he didn’t like how things were panning out, and wanted to terminate the contract.

Daley said Khago’s agent agreed to terminate the contract and refund the deposit but after more than a month, the money still has not been returned.

Daley provided THE WEEKEND STAR with email exchanges between himself and McGregor corroborating his side of the story including the agreement to refund the deposit.

Daley said the matter has currently escalated to the point where lawyers are involved.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted McGregor, he said he did not wish to go into details as the matter is now a legal one.

He did however confirm that he agreed on refunding Daley his money but said he later opted against it as Daley was trying to cancel the contract in bad faith.

He said he has since sent Daley a cease-and-desist order that bars him from tarnishing his client's name.

He provided THE WEEKEND STAR with a copy of that order which also states that in spite of the breakdown in communication, Khago is still open to honouring the initial contract by performing.

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