Singer, dancer 'work it' - Street promo, social media push song

April 23, 2018
Destiny Sparta
Dancer Renee 6:30 poses for THE STAR at an event in June 2017.


Dancehall artiste Destiny Sparta's 'Work It Work It', released in February, has been growing in popularity. Speaking to The STAR in a recent interview, Sparta says that she always knew the track had the potential to do well and is happy that the promotion she and her team put behind the song is paying off.

"Renee Six Thirty and I put a good song together, a song that we knew would make the ladies want to dance, and from you please the women in dancehall, most times, you will be good," she said. "Renee and I have also been pushing the song a lot in the streets. We are at all the weekly parties. We know how important promotion is for a song, and so we don't miss a party. We are at Day Rave Thursday, Magnum Wednesdays, Uptown Mondays, everywhere, and we hear the deejays playing it, and we see the love and support it has been getting and we are grateful."




Sparta said that outside of street promotion, a lot of the song's success is due to the attention it has gained via social media. The artiste explained that she and Renee Six Thirty had received many videos of women dancing to the song, which they have reposted on their own social media pages, and the constant sharing has helped to bring more eyes and ears to the track. "The more people see it, the more they love it. When people see the videos and they hear the song, those who never hear it before go do their research. So social media helped a lot with getting the song out there."

The deejay says she is now ready to kick things up a notch by dropping the music video. Sparta says that she is hoping that the visuals will take the song to the next level and help to certify it as a hit. "We see the reaction from the people, how the girls just let loose and dance, and it's definitely a good feeling to know it's doing well. We want that feeling to continue and grow even more when the music video drops," she said. "We finished shooting the video already, and that is going to add to the excitement and the popularity. It's going to be a fun, colourful video that everybody will enjoy."

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