Jahmiel ignores Gage's accusations

April 26, 2018

Dancehall artistes Tommy Lee Sparta and Jahmiel have barely released three songs each in their lyrical showdown, and already there have been claims of lyrics being pirated in the heated war of words. The claims, however, are not coming from any of the feuding parties, but another dancehall artiste.

Gage has somehow found himself in the lyrical war between Tommy Lee Sparta and Jahmiel, claiming that Jahmiel stole lyrics he penned and has put them in his latest diss track aimed at Tommy Lee.

Last Friday, Jahmiel released Anyweh, a song hitting back at Tommy Lee, who had released a diss track of his own earlier in the week. However, shortly after the release of Jahmiel's song, Gage took to Instagram to tell users that Jahmiel had copied lyrics from a freestyle video he had recently uploaded to social media.

When THE STAR contacted Gage, he did not give further details about the issue, pointing out that all he had to say was already on social media. He expressed that the lyrical feud between Jahmiel and Tommy Lee Sparta isn't something he's interested in becoming involved in. He insisted that his post was to let Jamaica know the truth behind some of the lyrics in Jahmiel's song.

The STAR also got in touch with Jahmiel and was told through his publicist that the artiste isn't interested in paying attention to accusations from Gage. Standing by his originality, Jahmiel's response to him stealing lyrics was simply, "He's just an artiste weh fall off and a look a hype."

Jahmiel and Tommy Lee Sparta have been exchanging lyrical blows in recent times. The feud has been generating much attention on the local scene, particularly on social media, with followers already taking sides.

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