Dancers' Paradise: Silent Ravers' Flairy is the new craze

April 27, 2018
Silent Ravers
Silent Ravers

The Ravers Clavers Crew continues to reign supreme on the dance scene as the hot new dance move 'Flairy' takes over the streets of Jamaica.

The dance move is less than a year old, but already, it has gained tremendous popularity.

Videos of people trying to catch the move or showing off just how 'flairy' they are have been making the rounds on social media, adding to the craze.

The creator, Silent Ravers, said he never expected the move to take off the way it has, and he is often taken aback by the many videos of the dance he sees daily on social media.

"Mi nah go tell nuh lie, me never know it would be like dis, but me believe inna di general Ding Dong. Mi used to admire him thing from a longer time and a say is a group like that me wah inna, ghetto youth a represent," he said. "Now it finally happen, and sometimes when mi hear the song a play and see di people dem, me a say, 'Jah know, it not even reach like five, six months yet since the song come out', and so, me really feel it. It's a good thing, and more while, me affi just laugh to me self bout the whole thing."

Silent Ravers, whose given name is Taje Raheem Pinnock, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he had always wanted to dance and was never deterred, not even when his family was less than pleased with his decision.

But the 21-year-old rising star said his family couldn't be more proud of him now.




"To tell you the truth, dem never support it because me used to affi sneak out and dem thing deh and go dance, and me grandmother used to tell me say stop dance, but dem see say dem couldn't get it out, and right now, dem see weh me did a fight fah," he said. "It's a joy for them right now. Every time dem hear the song, me mother and mi grandmother dem cry because dem a say, 'Jah know, him really do it'."

The dancer says he has not only found his purpose, but with Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers, he has found his dance family.

He explained that as it is with any family, every member is given their opportunity to shine, and right now, it is his time in the spotlight.

But when someone else reaches the spotlight, he said, he will be in no rush to create another hit move.

"Everybody inna the crew must get a chance, so we nuh want it look like we a try overshadow anyone by building dance after dance. We will wait until the person who supposed to get their turn find a dance, and we support dem," he said. "We have whole heap a move, but we a chill and easy. We nah be greedy. It's not a two-man thing or a three-person thing; it's a team, and everybody get them time and dem glory."

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