Shuga accused of being a 'bunna woman'

April 27, 2018

Following a story published by THE WEEKEND STAR earlier this month, reggae artiste Shuga revealed that she had gone through some personal issues that led to her taking a break from the music scene.

Shuga shared the story on her Instagram page, and while most of the comments praised her for overcoming her demons, one commenter accused her of having an affair with her husband.

In a lengthy post, the woman claims Shuga disrespected her without regard for her marriage and slept with her husband, knowning that he was married.

She also claimed that Shuga's career not reaching its peak was the artiste's own fault.

"Nobody is interested in your pain girl because your records don't sell. We don't know you like that and you take joy bringing hurt to others and another woman at that. I guess the days of a respectful bunna woman are done. Seek God and seek counselling, yu sick stomach," she wrote.

The comment was later deleted, but not before it gained some amount of attention, including from Shuga.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, the singer said that her personal life is off limits to the public and that if someone had an issue with her, it could have been approached and dealt with differently.

"I don't know this person, and I am not prepared to give her the attention she obviously craves. I don't recall dating anybody who identified themselves as anybody's husband, and I am not going to let somebody pull me out of character and cause me to behave in a certain manner on social media," she said. "If a person has an issue with me that's personal, then message me instead of putting that out for the world to see."

Shuga, who is gearing up to film a video documenting her personal struggles, said that things are often made up and fed to the public on social media.

"Anybody who has something against me can make up something and try to pin it on me on social media. So I just want people to ignore that type of drama and focus on the music," she said. "I was recently featured on BBC 1Xtra. Dat dem fi talk bout ... and don't push me to tell dem bout dem 'BBC'."

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