Volunteers join forces for beach clean-up, party

April 27, 2018
Volunteers were all smiles following the beach clean-up and party.

Entertainment and caring for the environment came together recently at Port Royal Beach in Kingston, where The Green Circle held a clean-up and party.

The environmental non-governmental organisation, which undertakes initiatives to promote environmental sustainability through events with a purpose, brought together 45 volunteers, who collected 40 bags of garbage weighing a total of 343 pounds.

The group collected 232 pounds of plastic waste, 29 pounds of glass and 82 pounds of general waste.

The Trinidadian group, which was founded by Kerrie-Kim Kirton, has been hosting beach clean-up parties since 2015. Kirton decided to take the show on the road, with its first stop in Jamaica.

Kirton said that he is fuelled by a passion to make a positive change in the world.

"Pollution of the waters in the Caribbean is a huge problem. Jamaica is no exception. On Port Royal Beach, it was evident that most of the garbage collected didn't originate at that beach but was brought there via ocean currents and deposited due to changes in tide. This means the actions of people in other places are affecting the beach at Port Royal," he said.

"Garbage in our coastal waters threatens livelihoods, recreation, health, and even tourism. But if we each do our part to stop garbage from reaching the water, we can ensure the sustainability of our coastlines for generations to come," he added.

After two gruelling hours of work, the volunteers were able to eat, drink and be merry.

Kirton said that The Green Circle hopes to make its event in Jamaica an annual affair.

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