KipRich pops up on BET Jams

May 02, 2018

Dancehall star KipRich is pumped that his video for the single 'Dash Pon Them' has been added to major rotation on the popular BET Jams, once more catapulting him to the international spotlight.

"The video hit BET Jams last Sunday. It played three times. I missed the first play but someone saw it and sent it to my phone so mi tune in and see it for myself. It is just a joy right now, the thing different, crazy rappers a direct message me on Instagram saying they want to do a collaborations so my international profile is way up," he said.

KipRich recorded the single 18 months ago and the video was shot a few months later.

"Right now, I feel great because it was like about 14 years ago when I last had a video that made it to MTV, BET and MTV France, so for it to happen now, it's a joy because it shows nothing happens before the time," he said.

KipRich wrote Elephant Man's Jook Gal, and was featured on the remix featuring Twista and YoungBloodZ which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Chart in 2003.

KipRich travelled to California to shoot the video for his follow-up single, Haffi Come Back, featuring Ce'Cile.

"A new producer called Champ was the one who built the beat for Haffi Come Back. I had wanted a rhythm that was street and had an international feel and Champ came up with the rhythm, and as soon as I heard it while I was in Atlanta, the vibes came to me to write the song ... my manager, Mark Pinnock, recommended Ce'Cile, and the rest is history," he said.

The artiste is also gearing up to push another single, Ah Dat Mi Waan Back, on the popular 'Rum and Boom' rhythm.

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