Tafari gets out first project

May 02, 2018
Daryl 'Tafari' Tate

Daryl 'Tafari' Tate has released his first musical project titled 'Jah Jah Mi Call Pon'. The reggae rhythm is already adopted by up-and-coming reggae act Tee Jay, with a single dubbed Jah Jah Mi Call Pon.

Tafari, 26, has earned his musical credits fiddling with poetry, selecting on the Soul Faith sound system, self-learning the guitar and playing the kette drum with Earl 'Chinna' Smith from Inna Di Yard. He later mastered the drums with the Rastafari Indigenous Village.

"My motto is, music is a spiritual ting. How do we teach people who can't hear or see? It's a spirit thing."

"The one thing I maintain with my work is the feeling. Mi put mi heart inna it. My music mentor Bootman, always tell mi 'A better you do music the right way and nobody no listen to it, more than do it messed up and the people in the crowd who really know music will know say it messed up,'" Tafari added.

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