Dainjah Blaze gets attention from ad campaign

May 04, 2018
Dainjah Blaze

Dancehall artiste Dainjah Blaze is the featured voice in the latest JF Mills brand radio campaign, and this has been bringing quite a bit of attention his way.

"Since the ad has been playing on the radio, I've been getting a lot of calls from friends and fans who have heard it. I'm also getting a lot of attention when I am on the road from people who recognise my voice from the ad," said the artiste.

The hard-working deejay, who is employed as a merchandiser at Cari-med Ltd, said that he is pleased that he was chosen to record the ad for the JF Mills brand.

"I'm one of several staff members who was asked to come up with a new jingle for JF Mills. I wrote mine and presented it to management the same day we were asked to do it, and they were extremely impressed. So, they told me to submit a recorded version of the jingle. After I did that, it was accepted," he said.

Now, Dainjah Blaze says he plans to build on the exposure he has been getting from the JF Mills ad campaign.

"I plan to use this opportunity to move forward in the music business and build my brand. Right now, I am working on some new songs that will be released as singles, and I am also working on an EP," he said.

Dainjah Blaze is set to release a new single, titled Healthy Lifestyle, in May. The song was produced by HDM Records.

Born Timoy Walker, Dainjah Blaze grew up in the community of Longwood in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth. He is a past student of Lacovia High School.

He launched his recording career in 2017 with Phone Informer, featuring Richie Innocent, on the Deftone Production label.

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