Cornflakes and what? - Laa Lee Ranks amazed his song is a hit

May 05, 2018
Contributed Laa Lee Ranks
Laa Lee Ranks

It's almost impossible to take one of the Corporate Area minibuses and not hear Laa Lee Ranks' 'Watz On Sale' single blaring through the speaker boxes.

Not only a hit among teenagers, the track is also a moneymaker for selectors who earn numerous money pull-ups whenever the intro is played.

The song is known for its eyebrow-raising line that speaks about cornflakes and "water" from the male sex organ.

But all of this hype is somewhat surprising to Laa Lee, who didn't make much of the track when he recorded it.

"I knew people like the vibe of the song, but I didn't expect it to be that popular. It was released less than a month ago and it has been doing really well. I am really grateful because it is my first recording," he said.

Produced by Frenz For Real, the entertainer, whose given name is Romario Ricketts, said the idea for the single came about as he sat vibing with his friends.

"Basically, I was just having fun with some friends and one of them had a box of cornflakes in front of him and we just started rhyming about it and the idea just popped up. I don't even know how the b*ddy water part came about, I swear. I was just having fun and being me," he said.

The St Andrew Technical High School past student told The STAR that although he has a passion for music, he knows the importance of having a well-rounded education.




This September, Laa Lee will begin his journey at the University of the West Indies, where he will study political science or tourism hospitality management.

"I will balance both as I do believe they will both walk hand in hand," he said.

A member of the Arnett Gardens Football Club, Laa Lee hails from the tough inner-city community of Jones Town.

During his mid-teens, he was given the name Laa Lee by one of his friends.

"I was never the class clown, but always the entertainer at school. One of my hobbies would include just performing for the class, but I was more focused on future entrepreneurial plans, education, and sports, and so far, everything is going as planned," he said.

Laa Lee is currently managed by Cara Vickers and signed to Frenz For Real Records.

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