'I'm no me without him' - Kimberly Mais remembers Niko Chromatic in emotional IG video

May 10, 2018
Niko Chromatic performing at Chromatic Live at Mas Camp, last year. The event was held to raise money to assist his treatment.
Niko Chromatic (left) at the controls.

Popular dancehall selector DJ Niko Chromatic, who had been battling a kidney disease since 2015, succumbed to the illness on Tuesday evening after going to the hospital for his regular dialysis treatment.

In an Instagram live video that has been circulating online, Niko’s partner, Kimberly Mais, gave details surrounding his death.

“He went for dialysis and his catheter wasn’t pulling. There are two hoses on a catheter, one that pulls and one that pushes. The one that pulls the blood from the body puts it into the machine, the machine takes out the toxins and pushes it back into the body. The catheter pull wasn’t working and so they weren’t able to dialyse him and he was there for quite some time,” she revealed.


Mais said that during the wait she left to get food for Niko and got the tragic news when she returned to the hospital.  

An emotional Mais described Niko as her soulmate and said she doesn’t know how she will live without him now.

“The good thing is I won't see him suffer anymore, but the bad thing is him leave me to suffer because I’m no me without him,” she said through tears. “I can't even go on Instagram, is his picture coming up, I can't manage, it's too much. Thanks for the kind words, I hear y’all.”

She went on to talk about who Niko was outside of the dancehall and said he was a quiet soul who was the complete opposite of her.

“All my plans included Niko. I knew he was sick but I never envisioned this, never thought this would be the end. We were on the last bit, we were to leave month end (for surgery). Niko was such a soldier. Him never give me no sign. Him say 'Kim gwaan home go get some rest'; he wanted me to rest or him, just never wanted me to see him go, I don’t know,” she said. “He was thinking about me and not himself and that’s the Niko I know and that’s the Niko I will remember. He fought like a warrior, real, real warrior.”

Mais encouraged persons to get their regular check ups and to keep their health in check, even while they have fun.

“Niko has a lot of influence and I believe that persons will utilise this to do your check-ups and don’t wait until you reach a point where it’s too late,” she said. “Eat healthy, drink water, exercise. We go out and we rave and we party, but remember your body.”

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