Furness says J'cans are embracing positive messages

May 11, 2018

Reggae and dancehall artiste Furness is happy with the response he has been getting for his newly released single, 'Rise & Shine'.

The song, he claims, has been receiving favourable support on local radio. Based on this feedback, Furness believes that the breakthrough he has been waiting for is now inevitable.

"My song was released last month, and the response has been very good so far. I think a lot of people like this record because of the optimistic message. The best product to sell humans is hope. As you can see, even religions thrive on hope. So, people are receptive because everybody wants to feel like there are better days to come," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

A music video for Rise & Shine will be released in the coming weeks.

The entertainer said that he has noticed that the industry has become more accepting of youth doing positive music. He said that uplifting messages are no longer falling on deaf ears, and he is happy for that.

"If you notice, most of the artistes that are getting their break now have a lot of positive songs. These songs are what are being embraced," he said.

"I could call the names of several youths who have been getting success with positive music, so this shows that the people always wanted good content. Even some man who I know always do badman song do positive music and is getting a good response."

With that said, Furness also encouraged other artistes to join in on the positive vibration, pointing out that Jamaica needs all the messages of hope it can get.

"Right now, the people of Jamaica need fi hear some things, and that's why you have people like us. Music is a choice, and every youth have a choice. You can choose what you want to motivate your actions," he explained. "Warfare a gwaan inna we place, and yet, still, you have some man who willing fi talk bout how much gun dem buss inna dem tune or whatever, like the killing is a joke thing."

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