Ricky Trooper uses experience to win clash

May 15, 2018
Boom dancers showing off their moves.
File Ricky Trooper
Avatar of the Black Blunt Sound System from Negril
Mr Lexx takes part in the celebrity clash.
Japanese dancer Kiss Kiss is back in the island.
Admiral Bailey, the winner of the celebrity clash.
Ace selector Boom Boom, aka World Boom

Veteran selector Ricky Trooper drew on all of his experience to win a heated battle in the finals of the Boom All-Star Sound Clash at Skateland in Half-Way Tree last Saturday.

Ricky Trooper, the owner of Sound Trooper, took on his nemesis, Avatar, from Black Blunt Sound System out of Negril, and the clash went down to the wire.

Avatar came out blazing in the opening 'juggling' round and the crowd reacted. But eventually his light started to get dim.

After two rounds, Trooper was staring at defeat, but the veteran warrior rose to the occasion and copped three rounds in a row, to the disappointment of the Negril-based sound system's fans, who were packed in front of the stage, blowing horns and brandishing torches.

After the clash, Ricky Trooper said that he was always confident that he would win.

"From the moment I won round three, I knew I had won this clash. I don't rush things, it's five rounds, and I'm happy for this victory," he said.

Sound Trooper walked away with $1 million and a trophy.

Earlier in the night, Admiral Bailey won the celebrity clash against Mr Lexx.

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