Don't come stress me - Spice claps back at fellow reality TV star

May 16, 2018
Spice's sexually charged songs have made her the standard bearer in dancehall right now.

Dancehall's leading lady, Spice continues to heat things up on US reality series 'Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta'.

In the latest saga, fellow cast mate Tommie Lee called out Spice for making her look like a liar.

In the most recent episode of the show, Spice goes in on Tommie for turning up late for a studio session they were both supposed to be a part of because 'her pet pig was sick'.

The Indicator artiste was clearly upset as she lashed out at Tommie for not taking her career seriously.

In the episode, Tommie apologised for being late and disclosed that her tardiness was due to her pet pig falling ill. However, in an unexpected twist, shortly after the episode was aired, Tommie came out on social media to say she was not late and insinuated that the scene was set up to make her look like she was lying.

She called out Spice for accusing her of not only being late but being an alcoholic. She also said Spice left out details regarding their working relationship pointing out that she set Spice up with her glam squad.

But Spice clapped back, stating that Tommie was indeed late and there was no need for her to make up stories.

"Memba say me is a new cast member so me a wonder if is a part of the show, me confused. Me nuh understand how you gyal Tommie a go talk bout how me a make you look like yuh late. Bitch yuh walk in pan the scene and when me ask yuh if yuh late, yuh use yuh own teeth and tongue and say yuh late because yuh pig sick," Spice said in a video posted to her Instagram page.

She then commented on Tommie's comments that she (Tommie) paid for the studio time.

"Girl yuh pay fi yuh own session, memba say a you take 40 days and 40 nights fi record the verse so that's what you paid for. Me record my part all the way a Jamaica so me nuh understand, yah confuse me," said Spice. "Nuh come tell me bout glam squad. Me and you and God know say me pay for every single thing fi myself and me have me receipt, memba PayPal don't delete so don't come stress me."

Spice added that Tommie is upset that the scene came out and people are lashing out at her for being a 'drunkard' and that she should not be held accountable for the scene or what people are saying about it.

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