Ity and Fancy Cat thrill in Canada

May 16, 2018
Comedy duo Ity (left) and Fancy Cat.

The Jamaican comedy duo, Ity and Fancy Cat, provided Jamaicans and Canadians with a bellyful of laughter at the recent Jamaica National Group Expo held in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

The comedians were joined by other entertainers, including Mysta, a reggae artiste based in Canada; Kafinal, Jamaican-Canadian reggae artiste; and award-winning reggae sensation, Mark Steele.

Ity and Fancy Cat opened their act engaging the crowd about their favourite Jamaican dish. They turned up the tempo when they asked members of the audience about their favourite dishes and which Jamaican ingredients they would use to cook a tasty meal.

The expo patrons laughed uncontrollably, when the comedians staged "a cook-off between two volunteers," who were asked to list the food which they would use to cook a tasty Jamaican soup.

The comedy duo also taught a lesson on being thrifty.

"Me like how Fancy Cat seh him carry Jamaica with him because some people come a good, good foreign and live different and waste things," said Elton 'Ity' Ellis. "Me realise people a waste ketchup. In Jamaica, we put the ketchup bottle under the pipe and put a little 'toops' water and we shake it. Nothing nuh waste."

Monique Broughton, project coordinator at the JN Canadian representative office, underscored the importance of the entertainment segment at the expo.

"We wanted authentic music and entertainment, which reflected Jamaican culture. We are happy our patrons enjoyed the artistes and left with positive messages about Jamaica and our culture, which make us stand out worldwide," Broughton said.

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