‘Turn your Lights Down Low’ ... Harry and Meghan could do first dance to Marley song

May 19, 2018
Bob Marley
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Birmingham.
Whitney Houston

While the world gets ready for a spectacular wedding event between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today, some bookmakers are offering bets that a Jamaican could play a significant part in the celebrations.

Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley has been listed on the betting list as one of the artistes whose song may be played as the prince and princess take their first dance.

Even though there is no song listed, Marley's odds are 10:1 as he faces stiff competition from Whitney Houston and Elton John, whose odds are 2:5 and 2:1, respectively.

Shaggy, who performed for the Queen at her birthday party in April, has odds at 66:1.

According to popular selector for Uptown Mondays, Bumbum, the Jamaicans listed have a great chance of having one of their songs being the first one to which the newly wed dance.

He said that if he was selecting at their wedding, he would have chosen a Jah Cure song for them to dance to.


"Remember, Bob Marley have one of the biggest song in the world and him worldwide. Me believe them fi use Turn Your Lights Down Low if them choose him. Shaggy have a nice one too weh him sing wid Rayvon name Angel," he said.

Tony Matterhorn also believes that one of these artistes' songs will be played at the wedding. However, he doesn't believe that their song would be the one the prince and his bride would dance to for the first time as husband and wife.

"They might play a Bob Marley or Shaggy, but me nuh think the first dance-off song a go be one a dem," he told The STAR.

"Dem probably do a classical first just to suit the monarchy, and then they would probably do one of those, but it would not be the first song. One a the classical music of Great Britain would a more likely play first."

LA Lewis, who claims to have a great relationship with the Royal Family, said that he thinks that Bob Marley and Shaggy have good chances of being picked because they are recognised by many persons around the world.

"Jamaicans have the most powerful music worldwide so they have a good chance of it being chosen. Bob Marley's song wid Lauren Hill [Turn Your Lights Down Low] would be a good song fi dem dance to," he said.

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