Nine years to be a king - Bluugo, Safiyah eager to start post-Magnum careers

May 21, 2018
Magnum King of Dancehall Bluugo (right) shakes hands with Magnum Queen of Dancehall Safiyah after being declared royalty in May.


There were no surprises on Saturday night as competition favourites Bluugo and Safiyah walked away with the titles of Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall, respectively.

On a night when war filled the atmosphere at the Melbourne Cricket Club, Courtney Walsh Drive, St Andrew, in anticipation of the impending lyrical clash, the four finalists promised a showdown the competition has never seen. For the most part, the battle lived up to expectations. The female clash was particularly hot as Bad Gyal Jade and Safiyah dropped some lyrical bombs, each hoping to annihilate the other. Clad in full black, the two female finalists put on an epic showdown, but when the dust settled, it was Safiyah who emerged the winner.

The male clash was always going to be one-sided as from the pre-clash two weeks ago, Hungupungeh proved that he was not particularly cut out for the 'war'. He, however, handled himself better than many expected and gave Bluugo a decent enough fight. In the end, though, the man who was most prepared for the war came out on top.

Speaking with the STAR following his win, Bluugo, holding back tears, revealed that he has been trying for the Magnum crown for nine years. "A whole heap a years me try, but me never give up. Every time dem say go back. Sometime anuh the song dem say go work pan ... music is all about the package not just the song. So dem always a say work pan dis or dat and it come in like it take me nine years fi get it right, but the one year mi get it right me just come make it right," Bluugo said. "Right now it woulda take me forever to explain how me feel. Mi happy fi di love and support. A bawl alone lef fi mi bawl yah now."




Safiyah was also at a loss for words as the win settled in. "I'm very short in words, but I'm very elated and it's an awesome feeling to win. I started the competition being one of the most lyrical and I still had to learn how to write. The competition is about bringing the best out of you as an artiste, so when you go out there you know exactly what you are going to do," she said. "The hard part was coming out here week after week and entertaining the crowd. Performing an entire song that would please the audience is hard work, but thanks to Magnum for giving me this opportunity, all of us, to showcase our talent."

Both winners say they are ready to hit the ground running, as they do not want Jamaica to forget about them when the excitement of the win wears off. "This competition can be life changing - it is life changing. I'm going to be in the studio working on my music so I can give Jamaica hits. I want Safiyah to always be remembered, so I'm going to put in the work," Safiyah said.

"Me know it nah go easy, a whole heap a work but me want this so me a go fi it. Out deh rough and it nah go be a joyride, but mi love wah me a do so me can handle it. Mi did already start make mi one and two link dem. Mi use every opportunity while going places to meet people, leave a word, a CD, so me already start create my pathway," Bluugo said.


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