Female acts ready to rock 100 Live

May 30, 2018
Kim Nain

A few of the divas in Jamaican music will take centre stage at this month's staging of 100 Live tomorrow.

Dining, gaming and entertainment hotspot 100 Hope Road will again come alive with performances from artistes such as Tifa, Ikaya, Shuga, Kim Nain and Mink-Jo.

The show, which will be held at the front parking lot, is expected to get under way at 8 p.m.

Speaking with THE STAR, Alexisse Chin, marketing manager at 100, explained that the all-female line-up will show that women have been making their mark in the industry and are capable of delivering high-energy sets.

"Jamaican women are making their mark in every industry and entertainment is no different. So, it's only right that 100 Live celebrates the great and talented females that rise from the music industry in Jamaica," she said.




Shelly-Ann Curran, the promoter of 100 Live and head of the John John Music Group, agrees.

"The ladies are all fired up and ready to give the performance of a lifetime, and we are excited to be presenting to our patrons such an empowering show with young women who are doing great work through music," said Curran. "This one is definitely a show to look forward to. We are bringing 100 per cent talent, and we are showing the industry that we can put our weight behind females and should be giving more females the platform to shine."

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